Make Fedora fonts better

Citizens of the Internet, welcome. Fonts in Linux are a rather┬áneglected topic; there are things with a higher delight factor we could talk about, discuss, test, and indeed, write. But fonts be probably one of the most important elements of modern computing. Because we spend countless hours staring at monitors, and the precision of displayed…


Fonts, don’t come easy to me

If there’s one aspect of Linux that has more Wild West in it than a typical Charles Bronson movie, it’s fonts. Linux fonts. This is something that we all take for granted, in fact so much granted, it’s almost Cary Granted, see what I did there, and yet, the reality isn’t all Rosie O’Donnell.


Krita Brush Basics

Brushes are a central concept in Krita. Unfortunately, Krita’s documentation is incomplete and outdated, so here is a summary of how they work.


Loading brushes into Krita

Krita, KDE’s answer to Photoshop and GIMP, comes with over 120 brushes. These brushes imitate media ranging from pens and pencils to water colors and acrylics, and textures from bristly to wet. However, if these are not enough, you can find dozens of additional brushes online, including ones designed for GIMP and some basic ones…

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Script-Fu: (Image)Magickal Powers

ImageMagick is the Swiss army knife of the command-line image-processing world. The array of tools it provides, combined with the amount of options each can take, is nothing short of staggering. Due to the fact it is also very shell-friendly, ImageMagick is ideal for batch processing whole directories full of images.


Professional Lighting for Photographers on a Budget

Framing your subject and setting the focus right for your photos is great and all, but as, any experienced photographer will tell you, getting the correct lighting is at least half of what makes a great shot. Purchasing professional lighting kit can run into literally thousands of dollars, but thanks to the hackers at Digital…

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