Using Solid State Drives on Linux

If your computer doesn’t already include a solid state drive (SSD), the odds are that it soon will. In less than a decade, SSDs have decreased in price as quickly as their technology has evolved, and in the next two or three years, they are likely to replace mechanical hard drives altogether.


Video: Installing Coreboot — HOWTO & WHYTO

That the UEFI firmware should die in a fire and that its instigators for its adoption should hang their collective heads in shame at the abomination they have created has been confirmed yet again with the news that, on some brands of computers, it can be destroyed with a regular rm -Rf /, bricking the…

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CLI Quickies (II): Fiddling with Sound

The same way you can use the GNU/Linux command line to troubleshoot the brightness of your laptop backlight, it is also possible to discover a lot about your audio card from a text terminal. This can come in handy when trying to figure out the cause of problems with the sound system.

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Fixing the Throwaway Society

A new breed of makers – the fixers, is subverting the status quo by doing something that not so long ago was so commonplace, it was considered mundane: they’re mending their own stuff.

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3 Free 3D Printers Compared

If you’re thinking of getting a 3D printer, check out the three machines we look at below. They are all good for end users, rely on tried and tested designs, use standard formats for the 3D files, and respect your freedom with open plans, drivers and specifications.

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A Very Open Xmas! – Part I: Hardware

Yes, ’tis time to drink, dance and go shopping. To satisfy the compulsive Christmas shopper we all carry within ourselves, we’ll be running a series of articles which will give you some ideas as to what to get your loved ones or to regale yourself for the holidays.

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Age of Makers

The late 70s and early 80s were arguably the golden age of computer nerdiness. This was an age of innovation and invention: the first mouse-driven interface, the first GUI, and even the first touchscreen are all products of that era. In those early days, you programmed your own drivers, wrote your own applications, and hacked…

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featured haswell

Is Haswell the beginning of PC’s counter-attack?

A bit of¬†bakground Let’s turn back the clock to simpler times, when there were laptops and BlackBerries, most PC OEMs were making a ton of money from their Netbook division and many rumours of an impeding Netbook from Apple were at the order of the day. Apple shut down every rumor at the time, as…

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