Bruce Byfield Interview: Designing With LibreOffice

Our colleague Bruce has a book coming out! It’s called Designing with LibreOffice. It tackles the subject of how to make documents look good and professional, while taking advantage of all the design features LibreOffice has to offer. So I got together with Bruce and we talked about his book, LibreOffice, design, and the eternal…


Synfig Studio: An Interview with Konstantin Dmitriev

We had already talked about how great the Synfig animation suite of programs is elsewhere on this site, but what we were missing is actually talking with the person who makes it possible. We got together with Konstantin Dmitriev, Synfig’s de facto project leader, main developer, head fundraiser, and all-around evangelist, to find out how…


Space Nerds in Space – The Interview

We met up with Stephen Cameron and Jeremy Van Grinsven, creators of Space Nerds in Space on FreeNode to talk about space simulators, nerds, lasers, and programming from the ground up games for Linux the old school way.

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"Megan Fox" by Luciano Lourenço using Inkscape on Debian.

Q&A with Inkscape’s Lead Developer, Bryce Harrington

We finally managed to catch up with Bryce Harrington, one of the original founders of Inkscape and the current Lead Developer. Bryce had been a bit under the weather, but he was game to doing the interview live over IRC. We met up on the #inkscape channel on Freenode at 5 pm. Pacific Time (Bryce),…

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Akademy 2012: Conference sessions

Akademy 2012: Conference sessions

While LaKademy, the first ever Latin American Akademy, is happening in Brazil, the biggest KDE event of the year has announced its preliminary conferences schedule. Akademy, set to start on June 30th in Tallinn, Estonia, will feature KDE developers from all over the world, including personalities like Aaron Seigo himself. While it may seem far away, people interested should…

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