LibreOffice 5.0: Faster, Stronger, Better

The Document Foundation released version 5.0 of the LibreOffice suite last week. Usually a whole jump in an application’s version comes with significant changes and new features. Does LibreOffice 5.0 deserve its new version number? And, more importantly, is it worth upgrading to?


LibreOffice goes Online

Fresh off the presses: LibreOffice reveals the project that will¬† go head to head with Microsoft’s 365 online suite: LibreOffice Online (LOOL).


A new system tray?

The system tray has remained mostly the same for decades, a few icons sitting on a panel displaying some information about the system and providing a shortcut to some features. In Plasma 5 the system tray has been reimagined to some extent. The widgets that sit on it have been redesigned and improved vastly. If…


Review: Netrunner 14

The new version of Netrunner is here. For some users, the most important part of this release will be its LTS nature. Since Frontier is based on Kubuntu 14.04 it will receive updates for the next 5 years. For others, like myself, the most important part is the new features and improvements over the last…

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KDE developers

“Won’t Freya be free?” – The cost of software

One of the most original distributions out there is Elementary OS. The first version was hyped quite a lot, it wasn’t perceived by many as yet another distribution, they were in a mission to create a new desktop environment built on top of many of GNOME 3’s technologies. Elementary OS is perceived more along the…

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Free software and governments

Is proprietary software ethical? This is a hard question to tackle, one that I may attempt to answer in the future, for the time being I will content myself with trying to answer the much weaker question of what kind of software the government should use, i.e. Is the use of proprietary software by the…

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Can Linux benefit from the obsoletion of Windows XP?

Soon Microsoft will end support for its aging Windows XP. I’m sure most readers are baffled, rightly so, by the idea that people would still choose to use it. Yet is second in number of users: According to Net Marketshare¬†almost 30% of computers still run XP. The real number is likely even higher as it…


Wishfix part 2: Amarok.

Once upon a time Linux had what I think was the best music player/manager, its name was Amarok and people even brought it up as a way to try convince others to move to Linux, intelligent playlists, auto fetching of cover arts, lyrics, integration, etc, and it was great. Fast forward a few years…