Make Fedora fonts better

Citizens of the Internet, welcome. Fonts in Linux are a rather┬áneglected topic; there are things with a higher delight factor we could talk about, discuss, test, and indeed, write. But fonts be probably one of the most important elements of modern computing. Because we spend countless hours staring at monitors, and the precision of displayed…


Linux 2017 – The Road to Hell

Also known as a really good song by Chris Rea. Also known as, ladies and gentlemen, I am terrified. What will become of Linux in 2017? Will it even boot? Now, now, please, relax. I am not trying to be an attention person of fiscally questionably nature. I am just trying to share my fears…


Opinion: Game Nearly Over

So here’s the news: Microsoft is forcing game developers and game developing companies through the hoop of their app store, encroaching on their revenue and putting itself in the way of dealing directly with the customers. Why am I not in the least bit surprised?


Codes of Conduct

What is the role of programmers in software development? The question is never far away in free and open source software (FOSS). Last month, however, the issues surrounding the question were emphasized by Robert C. Martin’s attempt to write a programmer’s oath that states best practices and the resulting discussion.

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The State of Gaming on GNU/Linux

So Alien: Isolation is probably getting a Linux port. Is this news? Hardly. The number of games, including AAA games, that work or have been ported to GNU/Linux, and are simultaneously released for Linux has gone through the roof in the last couple of years.


Ad Blockers and the Naked Emperor

According to an old saying, half of advertising is useless — but no one knows which half. I was reminded of that saying when Apple announced that the latest version of iOS would include the ad blocker Crystal, causing a wave of outrage from advertisers.


2017 – Year of the Linux Desktop

In a recent post Steve Burge reflects on how Free Software has managed to spread into tech companies in a big way, but then, those same tech companies have built walled gardens, cutting their clients off from all that freedom goodness.


Fonts, don’t come easy to me

If there’s one aspect of Linux that has more Wild West in it than a typical Charles Bronson movie, it’s fonts. Linux fonts. This is something that we all take for granted, in fact so much granted, it’s almost Cary Granted, see what I did there, and yet, the reality isn’t all Rosie O’Donnell.


LibreOffice extensions – Leclerc, we have a problem

Why Leclerc? Because Houston sounds American, and Leclerc sounds more French, and Libre is sort of French, ergo title. The reason why we’ve gathered here today is to talk about a very crucial and yet very tricky part of the LibreOffice suite, and that’s its extensions.


Give me Support or Give me Death

I guess I’m insecure like that, but I often find myself trying to rationalise my affinity for Free Software. How I do this is by arguing in my head with imaginary detractors. As I understand it, putting your ideas into words and then bombarding them with “Yes, buts” and “What ifs” is the base of…

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Age of Makers

The late 70s and early 80s were arguably the golden age of computer nerdiness. This was an age of innovation and invention: the first mouse-driven interface, the first GUI, and even the first touchscreen are all products of that era. In those early days, you programmed your own drivers, wrote your own applications, and hacked…

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