Signal Desktop Beta: Convenience Added to Security

Signal Private Messenger has been simplifying the encryption of voice and text messages for several years now. Not only is it a drop-in replacement for existing Android and iOS contract and messaging apps, but its handling of encryption handshakes is invisible to the user, making encrypted messages no harder from the end-user’s perspective than non-encrypted…

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The Coolest Music Apps You’ll See Today

Música Móvel is a group of Brazilian developers and musicians that are creating cool and original mobile apps for music production. The applications take images captured live from the camera, graphical fractal tree structures, or gestures, to generate sounds, melodies and beats, turning your smartphone into a musical instrument.

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A New & Improved Pling is here!

Today we rolled out a new version of Pling with new features and a cleaner, easier interface. Probably one of the first things you’ll notice is that we have improved the search and browse experience with filters and the possibility of ordering projects alphabetically and by popularity. [Show slideshow] Distribute and Fund You can now…

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Drawchemy: doodle to spark your inspiration

Patrick Pilmeyer, a young free software developer from Belgium, has developed Drawchemy, an Android app that allows you to doodle using your fingers and different brushes and strokes. You can also create symmetrical horizontal or vertical designs, or use both symmetries at the same time. This makes for interesting and kaleidoscopic pictures. [Show slideshow] A…

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The Ubuntu Edge: Can Canonical succeed?

I’m sure by now all readers know about Canonical’s rather ambitious goal of financing the creation of its own smartphone through crowdfunding. Mark Shuttleworth’s company isn’t playing around either, he doesn’t want just to build a smartphone, he wants to buildthe smartphone meant only for the biggest tech enthusiast out there, using technology that’s cost prohibitive…

Necessitas Qt Creator teaser

The future of mobile is cute

After testing the KDE Plasma Netbook workspace quite thoroughly over the last few weeks, I got myself thinking. Is there something inherently successful about KDE, or the enabling framework underneath the hood, called Qt? Not that I’m any big fan of mobile technologies, still, I can appreciate good, thorough design when it happens. So I…


Google’s master plan: NaCl

Judging by the title you may be wondering if Google’s big idea is to enter the pharmaceutical market or some other activity heavy on chemistry.  Sadly, as attractive as the idea of buying my amoxicillin  straight from Google is, NaCl actually stands for Native Client: Google’s effort to finally bring native-like performance to the web. Unlike Netrunner, or any…


Why Nokia and Linux failed, so far

Before you judge me by the article title, please read carefully. I have a very important message, and it has everything to do with the commercial and public image success of Nokia, and Linux. We will begin with the former. To wit, here’s a brief introduction. Introduction In the early 2000s, Nokia was deemed the…

Marketplace, teaser

Firefox Marketplace – A caravan, for me ma!

Gold rush, in the digital form. That is, ladies and gents, what we call the mobile market. A success of one is an indicator of potential success for many. Hence, you get the proliferation of mobile operating systems for mobile devices. You have iOS, you have Android, some others, and soon, you might have FirefoxOS.…

ubuntu for android1

Linux and the Go-To-Market strategy

Linux has yet to achieve a significant piece of the PC market, unlike what it has done in the mobile space. So the question is why doesn’t it happen in the PC industry? Some people argue that Linux is too hard, or that it doesn’t have all the apps people need or all the games…


Tutorial: Transferring files to your MTP-only Android device

Chances are if you like Open Source and Linux you like Android, since it’s both Open Source and Linux. Quite ironically though many new Android devices, specially the very Open Source community friendly Nexus line, don’t support the USB Mass Storage Protocol, instead Android relies on MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), sadly it doesn’t quite work…