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Best KDE/Plasma distro of 2016

The end is near. I mean, 2016 has less than a month left on its credit. We should now step back and contemplate. Which distribution merits our highest regard, most excitement, best praise, prolonged use? However, before we can declare the final result, we need to do it step by step. First, Plasma. Overall, Year 2016…


Taming Plasma

How does one go about taming Plasma? Well, that seems to be a recurring question I get asked in the emails. People are really interested to know about theme, font, icon, and window decoration management in Plasma, and how it compares to the good ole KDE4. A valid question.

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Best KDE/Plasma distro of 2015

The end of the year best-distro nomination is approaching fast. But before that, let’s narrow it down a bit and focus on what KDE and Plasma had to offer the Linux user in 2015. Undoubtedly, it was a very tough year, with some really awesome distributions released in the spring, some rather awful editions coming…

KDE Connect, in sync

KDE Connect – Insieme, unite unite smartphone

When I wrote my Kubuntu Vivid review, I mentioned a tool called KDE Connect, which I wasn’t quite sure what it was supposed to be doing. A bunch of you emailed me, telling me it’s a nice little applet that can keep your smartphone notifications in sync with the desktop, as well as allow you…


The Joy of KDE Desktop Layouts

On most desktops, you change the position of the panel, but the rest of the desktop is static. In KDE’s Plasma, however, you can go one step further, and choose a layout in the same way that you choose your themes or icons, or fonts.


Plasma 5.3 Beta – Shaping up but the trek is long

Nary a week past, I download the latest Vivid dev build running Plasma 5.3 Beta, moments before the official release. We shall indeed talk about Kubuntu 15.04 at length, but at the moment, let’s focus on the brand new KDE desktop. I’m liking it a lot, and I’ve already expressed my reserved feelings on this topic…

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Krunner – The birth of a cyborg

Krunner is exactly like that lovely, lovely 80s futuristic Dystopian sci-fi movie with Arnold and Jesse, except that is different in every single way. Now, for those of you who’ve fiddled with KDE before, possibly on a roof, hihi, then Krunner is not a stranger. It’s a familiar and useful application available in the desktop…

Nice 2 & Featured

Some cool Plasma tips and tricks

Several days ago, I talked about how Plasma 5 is awesome, and how it’s the cure to all worries in this world, particularly those related to aesthetics, functionality and desktops. All fanboyism aside, Plasma shapes up to become a modern and relevant Linux desktop environment, with an intelligent sense of order and efficiency. So I’ve shown…

Nice 2 & Featured

Plasma is my new favorite desktop

Being a fanboy always helps when you want to draw attention to your articles, and in this, it’s my turn to sound all gooey, agog and completely enamored by Plasma 5, the next generation of the KDE desktop framework. But the thing is, the more I’m using it, the more I’m loving it. Which is…

Final desktop looks

Plasma 5.2 review – Fire all weapons!

Today is going to be an exciting day. We will be testing the official release of Plasma, on top of an early version of Kubuntu. This shall be a teaser of what we might expect to see in April. Given my excellent experience with a beta release on top of Utopic last year, my hopes…

Featured, with apps running

Plasma 5 – Ano’er opinion

Several days back, when I saw an article covering Plasma 5, written by my colleague Luis, I immediately stopped reading. The reason was, I intended to write a piece of my own, and I did not want to taint my subjectivity with someone else’s. I promised myself I would read it, just a few moments before…