Build Interactive Stories with Ren’Py

Storytelling is the cultural cornerstone of human civilization. If I were even more pedantic than I already am, I would tell you about cave paintings, the epics of Gilgamesh, or the minstrels that travelled through medieval Europe. Instead let me tell you about teenage angst and manga comics.

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Network of Fear

The Internet has become a rich source of dark tales. Tonight we bring you some free sites and projects that are creepy, unsettling or downright terrifying. WARNING: The sites reviewed below are not recommended for children or those faint of heart. Seriously. You have been warned. Twice now. The SCP Foundation To protect humanity against…

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OpenLibra – Your online free book resource

Carlos Benítez over at etnassoft has put together a comprehensive collection of mostly open and free books that you can browse and download for free. He has collected in one easily searchable and browsable site over 2500 books, with titles on technical issues, programming, computer administration, design and so on. The site also includes comics,…

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Nina Paley – Anti-copyright cartoonist

The very talented Nina Paley talks about copyright, Creative Commons and the free flow of ideas in her thought-provoking and entertaining talk at a PechaKucha 20×20 Night held in December 2013. Nina Paley is a cartoonist, filmmaker and general all-round artist. Her film “Sita Sings the Blues”, a retelling of the Hindu epic “Ramayana” from…

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