3 Free 3D Printers Compared

If you’re thinking of getting a 3D printer, check out the three machines we look at below. They are all good for end users, rely on tried and tested designs, use standard formats for the 3D files, and respect your freedom with open plans, drivers and specifications.

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Age of Makers

The late 70s and early 80s were arguably the golden age of computer nerdiness. This was an age of innovation and invention: the first mouse-driven interface, the first GUI, and even the first touchscreen are all products of that era. In those early days, you programmed your own drivers, wrote your own applications, and hacked…

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The Ubuntu Edge: Can Canonical succeed?

I’m sure by now all readers know about Canonical’s rather ambitious goal of financing the creation of its own smartphone through crowdfunding. Mark Shuttleworth’s company isn’t playing around either, he doesn’t want just to build a smartphone, he wants to buildthe¬†smartphone meant only for the biggest tech enthusiast out there, using technology that’s cost prohibitive…

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Linux and the Chromebook Pixel

Google recently released its first Google laptop. It took the world by surprise, while there was a leak a few days before the device was still far from confirmed and even further from expected. ChromeOS is used in many low-end laptops, Chromebooks have pretty much become the successors of netbooks. However, the Pixel is different:…

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