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Elisa music player – Fur Elise

A bunch of days ago, the first stable version of Elisa, a new KDE-oriented music player, was released unto the wild. The program aims to be a simple, nice and flexible player, with good integration as well as cross-platform support. Sub-1.x releases of any which application are always tricky, but I still decided to give…

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The Coolest Music Apps You’ll See Today

Música Móvel is a group of Brazilian developers and musicians that are creating cool and original mobile apps for music production. The applications take images captured live from the camera, graphical fractal tree structures, or gestures, to generate sounds, melodies and beats, turning your smartphone into a musical instrument.

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Armadillo: Beautiful Free Music For Your Project

Armadillo is a new and talented musician who is making his work free for download. Although he has currently only 11 tracks on his site (hey! But that’s still like a whole CD’s worth!), they are all uniformly great. Armadillo is equally proficient with chamber music, disco, funk and 8-bit game-like tracks. Armadillo promises to…

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OpenCulture.com – Your one stop for everything (Culturally) Open

OpenCulture.com, apart from serving up engrossing daily articles and videos on art, literature, and culture in general; contains within its sidebars a true treasure trove of links to free books, films, courses, language lessons, and lectures. WARNING: Visiting this site can seriously impair your work productivity. Do you run a site like OpenCulture.com and would…

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