A Brief Introduction to Kdenlive

Kdenlive has become one of the main free software tools for audio-visual editing. Although complaints about earlier versions continue to dog its reputation — especially about syncing — the latest releases soon make clear that Kdenlive is now a mature and reliable tool. However, one thing it lacks is a general overview that helps new…

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The Video Editing Challenge – Part III: Blender

Blender is best known for being a feature-rich, 3D editing and rendering application and a huge open source success story. What is less known is that Blender does regular video-editing too, and that the tools it provides are first class and corporate grade. For the final part of our trilogy, we tackle the video-editing challenge…

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Enliven Videos with Kdenlive

The Kdenlive video editor is simple for beginners, but also powerful enough for those that need to go that extra mile. Distributed under a Free Software license, it is available for GNU/Linux, MacOS X, and as a live DVD for Windows users.

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