HTML, the plot thickens

After I wrote my review on several WYSIWYG editors that Linux folks might want to use to hone their HTML and CSS skills, I got several aggressive suggestions for additional products and tools. It was an offer I could not refuse, and you might want to narrate this in a slightly asthmatic voice of Marlon…

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RACHEL Helps Remote Communities

RACHEL (Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning) is a Linux distro designed to be used with a Raspberry Pi. The Pi is then used as a server in computer classrooms with bad or no Internet connections. Although RACHEL is very similar to the stock Raspbian distribution, it also sets up a web server and…

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Become a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow

Mozilla is seeking applicants for its Open Web Fellowship 2015 programme. Successful candidates will work with organisations such as ACLU, Amnesty International and Free Press, developing technologies, drafting policies, organising communities, and running campaigns, all oriented towards protecting the free flow of information over the Internet. If you think you should belong to the “band…

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