RACHEL Helps Remote Communities

RACHEL (Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning) is a Linux distro designed to be used with a Raspberry Pi. The Pi is then used as a server in computer classrooms with bad or no Internet connections. Although RACHEL is very similar to the stock Raspbian distribution, it also sets up a web server and…

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OpenCulture.com – Your one stop for everything (Culturally) Open

OpenCulture.com, apart from serving up engrossing daily articles and videos on art, literature, and culture in general; contains within its sidebars a true treasure trove of links to free books, films, courses, language lessons, and lectures. WARNING: Visiting this site can seriously impair your work productivity. Do you run a site like OpenCulture.com and would…

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Met Publications – 400 free art books for your browsing pleasure

The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York is creating an ever expanding library of art books that users can freely read online and, in many cases, download as high quality PDFs for reading offline. The books are lavishly illustrated, written by top experts in the field, and cover all eras, styles and geographic regions.…

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