Give me Support or Give me Death

I guess I’m insecure like that, but I often find myself trying to rationalise my affinity for Free Software. How I do this is by arguing in my head with imaginary detractors. As I understand it, putting your ideas into words and then bombarding them with “Yes, buts” and “What ifs” is the base of…

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LibreOffice vs. Microsoft Office, Part Deux

I would like to apologize in advance. This article is going to feature screenshots taken on a Windows 7 machine only, which might strike you as odd, given the fact this is a Linux-related topic we are discussing here. But it is exactly why we will use Windows. Nothing like pitch black to demonstrate pure…

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The State of gaming

If you’ve been using Linux long enough there’s a phrase you’ve certainly read or heard in some forums, or discussions, or comments: I use Linux for everything, but I keep Windows for gaming. In fact, if you’re a gamer you’ve probably said this yourself. Because while Wine supports running many games, sometimes with even higher…

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