AmayaOS releases version 0.06 of its Free Operating System

The AmayaOS team has just released version 0.06 of their free Unix-like (but not Linux) operating system. Apart from bug crushing and performance enhancements, the team have added a windows manager of sorts (that works in a text terminal) and a text editor called WAMA that can be run within the windows manager. The creators of AmayaOs hope to reach at least 3,000 downloads of this version.

Currently, AmayaOS is an educational project that can only be run as a Live CD/USB. It is helping a new generation of novice programmers understand how an operating system and its utilities are built from scratch by… well… having them build an operating system and its utilities from scratch.

In the future, who knows? AmayaOS may become a contender with the big guys and become the next Linux. The project leaders are already trying to work out how to make the system installable and creating the basic tools for creating directories, moving around the directory tree, and copying files from one place to another… The basic building blocks that make an OS usable.

You can support AmayaOS by donating to their project through Pling.

Image: Techno Background 2 by Grafixar for the Morguefile.


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