Linux Mint security – 28 days later

Ignore the actual time count. Answer me this: When would you feel more secure, knowing that your favorite distribution has been attacked and is now under scrutiny, or thinking — or rather not thinking — that your Linux may have been a target of a dedicated attack? In other words, if there’s a security problem,…

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Cinnamon: Not all Sugar and Spice

Recently, I have¬†installed and tested Linux Mint 17.2, and found it quite adorable. One of the major improvements the distribution brings to the proverbial Penguin table is a set of stylistic and functional changes to its settings menu, including the way you manage themes, icons, extensions, and the rest of the desktop bits and pieces.…

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The Evolution of MATE

Not too long ago, Linux Mint‘s MATE could be adequately summarized as a fork of the GNOME 2 release series. However, thanks to Linux Mint’s habit of listening to users, MATE has evolved into one of the three most innovative desktop environments available today in free software as illustrated by MATE’s most recent release, version…

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