Codes of Conduct

What is the role of programmers in software development? The question is never far away in free and open source software (FOSS). Last month, however, the issues surrounding the question were emphasized by Robert C. Martin’s attempt to write a programmer’s oath that states best practices and the resulting discussion.

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A Survey of KDE Accessibility

Thanks mainly to Orca, Linux accessibility has always centered on GNOME. During the fourth release series, KDE has started to close the gap, but its efforts have gone largely unnoticed, perhaps because its accessibility tools are scattered across the desktop, and remain works in progress rather than a mature general solution.

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Nine Top Free Fonts and How to Use Them

Not too long ago, free fonts were either low-quality or utilitarian, designed to substitute for common proprietary fonts like Times Roman or Helvetica. Today, however, a small but growing number of free-licensed fonts can match the best proprietary fonts.

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LibreOffice Tip: Making an A4/Letter Size Template

In most of the world, the standard paper size for printing is A4. However, in North America, the standard size is Letter. These contrary standards mean that paper trays on printers and copiers need to be adjustable — and, even worse, that anything printed internationally usually has to be printed in two versions.

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Brush Tip Tip: Stamps in Krita

Most graphics editors have a stamp or clone feature that allow you to repeat the same pattern with a click of the mouse. Krita is no exception. However, as often happens, Krita has a logic of its own, and in this case the feature is hidden among the characteristics of brushes.

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Ad Blockers and the Naked Emperor

According to an old saying, half of advertising is useless — but no one knows which half. I was reminded of that saying when Apple announced that the latest version of iOS would include the ad blocker Crystal, causing a wave of outrage from advertisers.

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LibreOffice Tips: Watermarks

Creating watermarks in LibreOffice is not hard and they can help you enhance your documents significantly, allowing you to include your companies logo or the status of your documents right into the text.


Krita Brush Basics

Brushes are a central concept in Krita. Unfortunately, Krita’s documentation is incomplete and outdated, so here is a summary of how they work.